Dear friends, Community and collaboration have been among our key values here at Cahoots, even since the very beginning. It’s right there in the name: Our only real end here has been to stir up the best kind of trouble together, and we’ve been gratified to have so many of […]



5 Incredible Singer/Songwriter Albums from Spring 2016

I have been writing professionally about new music releases ever since 2000, and one thing I’ve noticed is how great records so often seem to come in groups: One year will offer, for me, a bounty crop of hip-hop records, and the next year will be all about jazz, or […]

The Creative Life Part 1: Let Creativity Run Amok 2

“The Creative Life” is a series focused on key aspects of creative living, from exercising your creativity to building relationships that foster it. Stale. Stagnant. Bored. This is how I would have described my creativity a year ago. I was a writer, but I didn’t want to write. I was […]



The Writing Lab: “Low Art”

When poetry gets oh so brainy, Its emotions can start to feel grainy. But if the verse just congeals And I don’t get the feels Then it’s time to head back to Ma Rainey.   And let me say this about form: I don’t think it should be the norm […]


I failed miserably at #THE100DAYPROJECT last year, but quitting taught me more than trudging along with an unsuccessful project would have. This year, I’ve taken stock of what I learned and am ready to set out on a new project. Starting on April 19, the rules are the same as […]



Josh’s Reading Journal, Q1 2016

As I sit down to type this, I’m about an hour a way from my meeting with Ashley, in which we’ll read through all the submissions to The Mischief Issue and start putting together our second Cahoots quarterly of 2016. This has become something of a tradition around here: As […]